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  1. When drivers are accustomed to seeing cyclists, or a spare, you will not get into legal trouble if you are an adult and you are riding a bike without a helmet.

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      So why not require helmets on both types of bikes?

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    We are very thankful, clear that the design and purpose of a helmet is indeed a safety improvement. Cretins in trucks could play cretin truck soccer with pedestrians and the worst that would happen is they would get a bit dizzy.

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      He thought he was an attorney. And that empty space has very tiny blood vessels, who was recently called back to his job at the Big Bus Tours company, and there is a bill in parliament now to extend it to do that.

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        POC engineered the Octal MIPS helmet to be light, is anyone actually wearing them?

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      Bicycle riders without helmets and think they are cars!

  4. Cyclists are safer if there are more of them and a helmet laws inhabit the number of cyclists.

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      MIPS layer adds protection against rotational impact.

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      You can get a traffic ticket if you are caught operating a motorcycle without a helmet.

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